One of the most critical aspects of the supply chain involves transportation and freight forwarding. When sending goods from one country to another you are going to deal with customs authorities. This can make or break a business. If you are not wholly prepared to handle imports or exports and the customs regulations that go along with this process, you can find your company in hot water fast. Yet, in this global economy international freight shipping is part and parcel to every industry. Find out how intesup is leading the way with imports and exports management.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Perhaps the biggest concern with any import or export contingency is the sheer amount of paperwork involved in the process. There are an awe inspiring 120 forms required by customs when dealing with exports and imports. More than 40 government agencies are included in this mammoth task of documentation. Where do you even begin when preparing a freight shipment for entry into another country? According to the US Customs and Border Protection the primary method of dealing with the mountain of paperwork is by contacting a licensed customs broker. By the way, intesup is licensed in custom brokerage and readily available for assistance via export and import management.

Rules, Regulations and Laws

Whether you complete the proper paperwork or not, the next roadblock for most importers and exporters is all of the rules and regulations. Every industry and country has its own set of restrictions that involve detailed rules that must be abided by. While you may not be aware of these laws, it is guaranteed that the customs authorities are aware of them and ready to enforce the law on rule breakers.This is where customs clearance issues come into the situation. If you do not meet the rules and requirements set forth by a particular customs agency, then your product will not continue in the supply chain. In fact, if you do not provide the proper documentation or evidence as required by the customs agent, your company will be required to pay fines and penalties. This includes fees charged for holding your freight in storage via the customs authority. If you fail to meet these requirements you are required to pay for destroying or return of the freight to the shipper.These are not pleasant thoughts when it comes to your company’s investment into your product and supply chain services. Worse yet, if your company does not find a solution fast, the work spent attempting to import or export your product will be for naught.

Choosing an Imports and Exports Management Service

Here at intesup we deal with imports and exports on a daily basis. Our team of highly trained and licensed customs brokers are prepared to assist you at any stage of the shipment. We provide supply chain visibility so that your company can be assured of when the freight will successfully pass through customs. Let intesup assist you today by choosing our import management or export management solutions.