Air Freight Import and Export by Air. Effortless, fast shipping and dedicated management at competitive prices only at Intesup.

Can’t seem to find an all-in-one provider for your air freight solutions? Partner with Intesup.

We’ll strive to streamline your air freight process by reducing transit times, handling logistics such as warehousing, and giving you a single point of contact throughout the process – your supply chain manager.

Our team is ready to take care of all procedures involved in your air freight process. We’ll provide you with a flexible and customizable solution that takes care of all aspects of your supply chain.

Our tracking system and easy to use app will give you constant updates about the status of your shipment.

We’ll use all our expertise to deliver the best rates and lowest transit times for your air freight cargo, guaranteeing that your shipments get delivered safely, on schedule, and under contracted conditions.

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Air Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us directly and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

The usual paperwork consisting of airway bill, packing list, and export declaration.

The transit time depends on several factors such as origin, destination, and service type chosen. Please contact us for a customized quotation and transit time.

The minimum weight we recommend is 100kg.

Air freight costs depend on the cargo’s length, depth, height, weight, size, volume, among other metrics. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate quote.

Of course! When it comes to up-and-coming businesses, intesup is the perfect partnership choice. We offer full-service 4PL management, meaning that we’ll hold your hand every mile of the way from product design to import and export.

Our headquarters is located on 1177 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, NY. We also have operating centers in Shanghai, London, and Lagos.

We provide supply chain solutions, as well as trade management services, to clients across four continents – North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. This is the Intesup customer network.