About Us Innovative technology. Dedicated expertise. Driven team.


Who We Are

Intesup was founded in 2014, and in its short five years, it has become a leader in global trade management.

We’re a trade partner whose goal is to help you streamline your supply chain processes and exceed your trade goals.

Intesup is global, and so is our team. We’ve brought supply chain and management experts from all around the world together, equipping them with the latest trade and logistics technology.

Our passionate team works alongside a worldwide network of partner companies, guaranteeing that Intesup always stays on top of the regulations in global trade, different corporate cultures, as well as all events that affect your supply chain management.

Dozens of happy clients spanning four continents. Hundreds of cargos shipped. Over 25 passionate supply chain professionals.

This is Intesup – one of the best and fastest-growing trade partners on the globe.


What We Do

Intesup provides a full-service supply chain solution to customers worldwide.

We handle total management of global sourcing, risk, production, transportation, import, and export for your products.

We also provide you with a single point of contact throughout every step of your entire supply chain, allowing you full control of your SC processes.

By tailoring our solutions to your needs, we strive to help you streamline your supply chain and make them more effective and easier to manage.

By doing this, we save you time, money, energy, and give you the peace of mind you need to have your supply chain running smoothly.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Dedicated Management

At Intesup, we aim to make things effortless for you. That’s why you’ll be working directly with a single, unique point of contact throughout the entire process. From product sourcing to product delivery, your supply chain manager will be there to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you might need.

Streamline your Supply Chain

When working with Intesup, the goal is to streamline your supply chain and make it simpler and more effective. That’s why we use the latest logistics technologies and methodologies to make sure all your supply chain processes are clear, cost-efficient, and easily manageable.

Shipment Protection

We know that even though incidents are extremely rare, they do happen, and protection must be guaranteed. That’s why Intesup provides you with freight insurance that covers the full value declared for your goods, protecting your company from all risks.

Total Transparency

Intesup provides a cloud-based solution and a streamlined cost structure to make sure you’re always confident and informed during your shipping process. You’ll know the exact cost of product sourcing, fulfillment, and delivery, and have complete control of your supply chain at every step of the way.